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I have a netCDF file of fire emissions on a regular grid of 12 km by 12 km grid cells with 200 east-west grid cells by 161 north-south grid cells centered on the continental United States. The map projection is Lambert Conformal. I am using QGIS v1.8. When I open the raster it displays as a very, very tiny raster located in mid-northern reaches of the State of Kansas. Can someone tell me what blunder I am performing?

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Sounds like a projection error. What exactly is the projection of your grid? – L_Holcombe Feb 5 '13 at 2:03
There are lots of lcc projections defined for Northern America. I wonder how the data can cover the whole US with that. Apart from choosing the right one, there are also some projections in feet instead of metres. – AndreJ Feb 5 '13 at 7:26

Perhaps units? The grid seems to be 12km*(200x161)= 2400km x 1932km, while the continental US is closer to 5000km x 2500km.

If "very, very tiny" is on the order of 2.400km x 1.932km, it may be a km vs. m units problem as well.

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