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Visualize a picture in SQL server 2012 spatial data based on geometry

In order to display a vector picture I need to retrieve X, Y coordinate (cartesian coordinate system) and display it in the SQL server spatial data.

I'm looking for a tool that can draw vector graphic. Every object of line, point or zone you make, you shall enable to retrieve X and Y coordination from the start to the end of the object. For instance line object has start point (0,0) and end point (5,3).

The reason why I need this X,Y data is to use them in SQL server to visualize a vector picture.

What tool do I need to use?

Other Important Info:

  • Please take account that I do not want to use geography data because the x-and y-coordinate data that are not defined in relation to any particular model of the Earth, it's using the geometry datatype with SRID = 0

  • The X and Y data retrieve from the special application shall be enable to use in SQL server. In other word, same cartesian coordinate system without measurement of unit.

  • It's important that this application can apply gif or jpeg picture to act as a background and om top on it, you draw a vector geometry data.

  • This application should also take account to Well-known text to be customized with SQL server and its spatial data. In other word, take account to OGC standard

  • The picture from a paper map or jpeg will be a subway map that is a linear cartogram linear cartogram

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If you are not afraid to write some code, R is an excellent tool to perform this kind of tasks. A graphics package like ggplot2 would be suitable for a task like this, it simply draws what you specify and is not particularly meant for geographic data. R can connect to any kind of database you want, e.g. see RODBC, so getting the data into R is possible.

R may have a relatively steep learning curve, but once you are up-to-speed you have a very flexible and powerful tool in your arsenal.

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You could probably use MapInfo Professional.

With MI Pro 11.5 you can connect to SQL Server 2012, open a table with spatial data and display it in a map window. You can also add new vector objects and save these back to the database.

You can download a 30 day evaluation version of MapInfo Professional here: MI Pro 30 day trial

I did a presentation on how to use MapInfo Professional with a spatial database (SQL Server 2008) at the MapInfo User Group for UK and Ireland in January last year. You can find my presentation on slideshare

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This application is very interesting. I will contact you by e-mail. – HelloWorld Feb 6 '13 at 22:22

I think you can use lates QGIS (its OO), it has MSSQL Spatial support, just dont define SRID. Use geometry data type.

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OO? What do you mean? If I understand correctly, you can geometry data type without measurement of unit? – HelloWorld Feb 6 '13 at 11:44
Usually it uses srid's units when you use st_distance or similiar functions. But i dont understand what measurement of unit has to do with it. from 0 0 to 0 1 is allways 1 long , what that 1 means its up to you. – simplexio Feb 6 '13 at 12:31
Unit of measurement is like pixel, centimeter, inches etc. – HelloWorld Feb 6 '13 at 13:07

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