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I have routes (linestrings) recorded in the database. I want to create a query which returns the routes that have some commonality with a circle whose center and radius are passed as parameter.

I tried this way:

FROM   routes
WHERE  ST_Touches(geom, (ST_Buffer(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(-12.988542214345332 -38.44563066959381)'), 100, 8))) 

Is it correct?

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No, probably not. I'm going to assume from the coordinates of your point that you are working in longitude/latitude coordinates, but that you want to express your distances in meters. Rather than building a real "circle", recognize that for the purpose of a true/false test you can express the query as a distance calculation.

SELECT routes.*
FROM routes
                 'POINT(-12.988542214345332 -38.44563066959381)'::geography,

Also note that if you don't think you're working well below the equator (-38.4S) you should reverse your coordinates, as the coordinate order in PostGIS is X/Y or lon/lat not Y/X.

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