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I have successfully created an ArcSDE datastore in GeoServer 2.2.4. When I try to publish a feature class in the SDE database, the "Compute from data" link returns nothing, and the "Compute from native bounds" link produces the following error.

Error computing the geographic bounds:[SDE error 6][Error desc=UNKNOWN ERROR CODE. ][Extended desc= ]

The Native SRS says UNKNOWN in the text box but has the correct system to the right "GCS_WGS_1984...".

Because I do not have either of the bounding boxes filled in, obviously I can not save the layer.

I have tried feature classes with other coordinate systems, deleting and re-creating the datastore and creating whole new feature classes. Extensive searching on the internet has not turned up any kind of solution.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Not sure what your issue is, I have never used Geoserver. I can tell you that a SDE error code 6 is a client IO error.

*SE_EXIT_CLIENT_IO_ERROR 6 An error was encountered in setting up communications to the client. Make sure the client is still running.*

Here is a list of SDE return codes:

If you are using a three tier connection I would check you application server.

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