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We have Petrel which is used to produce a surface of a geological horizon below the earth's surface. In Petrel we have contours (vectors) and a raster image of the same area, also visualising elevation of the surface.

Has anyone got any experience in ways to convert this vector dataset and raster dataset in Petrel to a format suitable for ArcGIS?

A previous employee sent it to Petrosys from Petrel, which could then output shapefiles of the contours and a .BIL raster, which I can display in Arc.

This, however, is something no current employee has experience with. FME does not handle the regular Petrel output file types of

enter image description here

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The Petrosys plug-in for Petrel is able to directly export vector data including contours and fault information into a variety of GIS formats through the spatial data translator. One easy workflow is to create a quick map of the Petrel model surface and faults directly from Petrel project, right click on them and elect to export. The export support outputs in different coordinate reference systems (CRS) and can be applied to other vector data (such as seismic lines).


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According to your question there is one tool called "frog tech tool". It will convert your data to ArcGIS format

Click for more details on ESRI forum link

frog tech tool for ArcGIS Desktop (not sure for version 10.0)


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the last link is frog tech's snapshot tool. the link to the forum has a link to frogtech in the last post. this, however, is now broken. i don't know where the tool is they speak of, i'll keep looking. – ndthl Feb 13 '13 at 11:16
Thanks for the reply..I am also researching on my side..If you have global mapper software then try on that are few network restrictions I cant download..I will check this @ home.. – Sunil Feb 13 '13 at 11:18
I've been in touch with Phil Henley from Frog Tech who advised that their Section Sketch software can do the .zmap to .img raster conversion, no need to worry about the old Frog Tech toolbox. I did, however, get an Arc 9.3 install up this morning and used the old toolbox successfully to do the conversion. What's left, however, is to find a converter for Petrel's contours so Arc can understand them. – ndthl Feb 14 '13 at 2:02
Another useful converter he mentioned was oasis-montaj-viewer‌​-viewer – ndthl Feb 14 '13 at 3:05

You could take a look at Exprodat's Data Assistant software:

It supports CPS-3 and Zmap, both raster and vector formats. So it should support the import (to ArcGIS) of contours that you are looking for.

It also allows you to export and import various culture, interpretation, seismic and well data formats to and from ArcGIS, notably for Petrel, Landmark and KINGDOM.

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