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I am running i.maxlik in python - attempting to automate a processing chain. I use the command:

grass.run_command('i.maxlik', group= group, subgroup=subgroup, class='classification', sigfile = sigfile, verbose = True)

Infuriatingly, however 'class' is a python keyword and it doesn't run due to 'invalid syntax'.

Would you know a way to work around this? I have tried emailing the GRASS developer list but no response.



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Here is a handy Python trick that you can use to unpack a dictionary into keyword args:

def myfunc(arg1, arg2, arg3):
    print arg1, arg2, arg3

args = {"arg1": "Hello", "arg2": "World"}

myfunc(arg3=1234, **args)

Note the ** before the variable args

You can just put the class keyword into a dictionary:

args = {"class": 'classification' }

then pass it as extra keyword arguments:

grass.run_command('i.maxlik', group= group, subgroup=subgroup, sigfile = sigfile, verbose = True, **args)

Note: You can even do it inline:

myfunc(arg3=1234, **{"arg1":'Hello', "arg2":"World"})
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Per http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GRASS_Python_Scripting_Library#Use_Python_reserved_keyword, add an underscore to the beginning of the argument that is a reserved word. So your command would be:

grass.run_command('i.maxlik', group= group, subgroup=subgroup, _class='classification', sigfile = sigfile, verbose = True)

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