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I have a sqlite database with a table that has a column for longitude and one for latitude. Is there a way to make this data base 'spatial'?

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I've described the process of installing and spatially enabling an sqlite db here: SpatiaLite Quick Start. Basically, you need to get init_spatialite-2.3.sql and run it on your db.

You can then create point geometries using this function:

MakePoint( x Double precision , y Double precision , [ , SRID Integer] ) : Geometry
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thanks, that worked well in combination with Gene's suggestions. – rengis Jan 16 '11 at 15:41

first, you need to enable spatialite in your sqlite database

sqlite> .load ',dll or dylib'   


SELECT load_extension(,dll ou dylib)


After that you need to initialize your database with init_spatialite-2.3.sql

sqlite> .read '~/init_spatialite-2.3.sql'
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Note that the init_spatialite-2.3.sql step is not applicable for spatialite 3.0 or later. – BradHards Aug 11 '12 at 4:12

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