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Background summary: Various systems are being audited and GIS is the next to be audited. The initial kick-off for the audit was a meeting between me and a single auditor. Initially, I thought it was going to be the typical security audit that is done for all RDBMS, which is fine. That's good. But then she said they would be executing a series of tests against our data (deletes, updates, inserts).

The geodatabase is versioned, so naturally I'm concerned. When I received the meeting minutes from the auditor, I had to re-write it because the vocabulary was all wrong (lots of GIS words used in the wrong way/wrong order).

I'm not concerned about failing the audit--I'm worried about the auditors really mucking things up because they have no GIS experience. Does anyone have experience with GIS audits and can provide some guidelines as to what qualifications the auditor (or audit team) should have? Do internal audit departments typically have GIS professionals on staff?

I added the esri-geodatabase and arcgis tags to this question because of the versioning--I might consider dropping those once a read answers.

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Yes, blast them with even more GIS terminology and they come around and ask to see it in action. But as they have no experience in GIS so they have to take your word for it. They are just doing their job. Tell them its development and not production. –  Mapperz Jan 17 '11 at 22:13
You mentioned versioning, does that mean sde? I would be worried if someone was going to perform standard sql audits on my binary middleware sde data.(maybe that's not the case) It might scare them enough to at least be cautious. –  Brad Nesom Jan 17 '11 at 23:47

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I did find a couple of blogs referring to sde audits...


oniedia (read the comments first!)

Maybe they have some experience with what you need.

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