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I'm exploring optimization techniques for caching data coming back from a Digital Globe service. We have two unique identifiers we use for their WMS GetMap service that will give us low or hi-res raster images. I'd like to cache both, but the only different between the two is simply a vendor parameter called 'connectid'.

In the end, we'll cache at least one of them, but we'll need to make a choice of which one if it's not possible to do both.

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Well, it's been a few days. I've since given up on GeoWebCache and flopped over to MapProxy. It's MUCH more customizable. It's yaml configuration is open enough to allow me to specify the vendor keys in its own config, along with as many different providers/layers/caching routines I need.

I highly recommend it!

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You can use a Parameter Filter to pass through an arbitrary request parameters while controlling the set of allowed values.

For instance, to allow the resolution parameter to take the values high or low, and to force it to low when it's not specified, you would use a filter like this:


There's a chapter on parameters in the GWC manual

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