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I have data example an organizations,

which consists, name of organization, facility type, latitude, longitude starting date of facility.My problem is for particular facility i had two or more starting dates, now i want to store those multiple dates in single file, how is it possible? my data is now in excel, i want to make shape file now..

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You can use a One-to-many relationship from a shapefile ("one") to a table ("many").

Store all data that is unique for each facility in a shapefile: facility-id, Geometry, type, lat, log, ...

Store data with one or more values for each facility in a second table e.g. *.dbf (not in a shape file!): facility-id, start-date, ...

Relate (not join!) the shapefile and the table. Use facility-id as keyfield.

You can find more information in ArcGIS help.

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