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I know that you can grant privileges for users using ArcCatalog for the whole Dataset as letting them select, update, delete and insert feature classes. But my question is how could I grant the privileges for each feature class in the Dataset for users.

Example :

Users     Feature Class
_____     _____________
 1             Ftr 1
 2             Ftr 2

User 1 can read and edit on Ftr1 but can only read Ftr2, and User 2 can read and edit on Ftr2 but can only read Ftr1. While Ftr1 and Ftr2 are within the same Dataset

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I found an answer for this question in this link which can help a lot, I finally find it after a deep research http://support.esri.com/en/knowledgebase/techarticles/detail/25830

But if there is any other answer, please tell me about it to correct this post and know the right information about it.

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