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When attempting to reclassify a raster in a student edition of ArcInfo 10, the program crashes without an error upon reaching 100%. The reclassified raster is written, but with no spatial info. I've got Spatial Analyst and the latest service pack. I suspected it might be a RAM issue, so I split the raster, but I'm having the same problem even with the much smaller dataset.

Edit: The plot thickens - I copied the file and mxd to a different location on the desktop, and now the reclassify works! Could having the original file located inside too many folders possibly have caused the problem?

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I often have trouble using spatial analyst and geostatistical analyst with large dataseets working over the network. Like with your experience, moving the data locally usually solves the problem. – Jay Guarneri Feb 28 '13 at 22:09
Hmm, does ArcMap have a max filepath length? – BRZA Mar 1 '13 at 17:36
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There is some agreement here that Reclassify is not the most efficient tool in ArcGIS. A few alternatives, depending upon your needs, that may provide a more efficient approach, include:


Determines which values from the first input are contained in a set of other inputs, on a cell-by-cell basis


Performs a conditional if/else evaluation on each of the input cells of an input raster.

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