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I have a point shapefile containing records of bird sightings with location, species and land cover type that has about 30,000 records. I noticed today that one record is repeated about 60 times, with the same gps points, same location name, same everything. But when I highlight all of the repeating records, they are actually all different records. I can't seem to get the attribute table to accurately reflect the records; I've tried copying the file, renaming it, exporting the incorrect records to a new shapefile, restarting Arcmap multiple times, etc. Is the file corrupted? What can I do to fix these records?

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I'm not certain of the result you are wanting to achieve but Spatial Join and Intersect are two other tools you may wish to consider. Be sure to keep a copy of your original data while you experiment. –  PolyGeo Mar 2 '13 at 5:35
You say "I can't seem to get the attribute table to accurately reflect the records"--does that mean you have a non-spatial version of the data file to compare against? Does that have an object ID carried over to the shapefile? –  ako Mar 3 '13 at 2:54

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