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I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a website which I can use to get geometries for a area. What I'm looking for is something like google maps where I can drag a cursor over a area of the map and get a bounding box for it (as geometry not geography). If anyone knows of a site like this or one where i can find out bounding box's it would be greatly appreciated.

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Please describe in more detail. You want bounding boxes of what exactly? Of countries? – underdark Jan 21 '11 at 10:59
Mostly used for counties id say, for example if I were to drag a box around a part of England associated with say Shropshire or Warwickshire, etc it would give me a bounding box coordinates for it – Manatherin Jan 21 '11 at 11:00

The ArcGIS Resource center has an Extent Helper that will give you the coordinates for an area in WebMercator. Look for the link named Extent Helper on the left of the page.

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Yahoo Geoplanet [Bounding Box]

    # <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
# <place yahoo:uri="" xml:lang="en">  
#   <woeid>2507854</woeid>  
#   <placeTypeName code="7">Town</placeTypeName>  
#   <name>Trenton</name>  
#   <country type="Country" code="US">United States</country>  
#   <admin1 type="State" code="NJ">New Jersey</admin1>  
#   <admin2 type="County" code="">Mercer</admin2>  
#   <admin3/>  
#   <locality1>Trenton</locality1>  
#   <locality2/>  
#   <postal/>  
#   <centroid>  
#     <latitude>40.21777</latitude>  
#     <longitude>-74.759361</longitude>  
#   </centroid>  
#   **<boundingBox>  
#     <southWest>  
#       <latitude>40.183868</latitude>  
#       <longitude>-74.819519</longitude>  
#     </southWest>  
#     <northEast>  
#       <latitude>40.248291</latitude>  
#       <longitude>-74.728798</longitude>  
#     </northEast>  
#   </boundingBox>**  
# </place>  
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What I ended up using was coordinates and using guide to convert them, thanks for all your help

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