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I have two line shapefiles. I want to find between them, where are located all share segments and extract the new selection shapefile. Can anybody help me? I am using Quantum Gis. I know that in ArcGis, there are a tool, named "share line segment with". There is some tool like this in Quantum Gis or other open source software?

Thank you all. Cristina Soares

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go to Vector -> Geoprocessing Tools -> Intersect; select the two shapefiles you want to analyse and set a name and location for the result shapefile.

Is this what you wanted?

Regards, Martin

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Hello. I have already done it but the result shapefile is empty even if i invert the order of the input vector layer and intersect layer in the intersection box. Now i am trying to use SAGA (line-polygon intersection) where one of the layer is a line and the other is a polygon. But it gives me an error: "Saga folder is not configured". I have tryed to configure it but no results. How can I resove it? Thank you – Cristina Soares Mar 7 '13 at 11:56
Regarding QGIS Intersection: Make sure that both of your layers have the same CRS. To reproject them save them in the same CRS and load them again. For SAGA: You need to download it (google saga-gis), extract it into a folder and then open the sextante options (Analysis menu-> sextante options) and point sextante directly to the extracted folder (doubleclick provider saga dir) – Curlew Jun 3 '13 at 22:06

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