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I converted a shapefile to kml using ogr2ogr. Glancing at the output, it looks correct -- it has a <Schema ...> and each <ExtendedData> references the schema (I uploaded a snippet here).

However, when I open the kml in QGIS and select "View attribute table", I only see a default list of attributes (Name, description, timestamp, begin...). Is this a limitation of the KML reader, or an error in the file?

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I have the same issue; KML files created by a tablet app where the custom added schema is not retained when converted. I can open the KML in Google Earth and confirm the attribute schema is there, but when I bring it into QGIS I only see "Description" and nothign else. I downloaded OGR2GUI64 and converted but the shapefiles don't show the user-added schema.

It cannot be the file because FME does see the extra schema and allows me to retain it when converting.

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