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I'm working on a homebrew spatial feature data format, and using Python to write it's API.

It occoured to me that use some tool like QGIS to display my data would be very nice to have, for debug/test purpose.

Though based on QGIS's mail archive this and this, QGIS's Python binding to data provider is access-only, not something can be extended.

And I have not dig deep into OGR DataSource Implementation, but it seems extending that is not very hack-friendly either, and limited to c++.

Then I found Web Feature Service (WFS) is something can be done in Python, but the spec is complicated.

The most decent Python WFS Server I found is featureserver, for now my best try would be hacking featureserver.

Is there any other shortcut that can achieve my goal (custom python datasource to qgis layer) out there that I missed?

Please don't tell me to dump my data to postgis/GeoJson/Shapefile, I'm aware of that and that's not my point...


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