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Does anybody know is CRS:84 in WMS v.1.3.0 getCapabalities response is same projection as WGS84 (EPSG:2180)(EPSG:4326)?

And is [westBoundLongitude],[eastBoundLongitude],[southBoundLatitude],[northBoundLatitude] in EX_GeographicBoundingBox respectively equivalent with [minx],[miny],[maxx],[maxy] in earlier version of WMS response (1.1.1)?

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[eastBoundLongitude] should be equivalent to [maxx], and [southBoundLatitude] to [miny], so take care for the order of the four bounds. – AndreJ Mar 11 '13 at 16:40
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In regards to your first question, EPSG:2180 is a Polish projection based on Transverse Mercator. CRS:84 is equivalent to EPSG:4326 - ie, basic WGS84 degrees.

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yeah, I meant equivalent to WGS84 thanks for link! I was looking everywhere but I wasn't sure about that. – Krystian Mar 11 '13 at 14:44

Actually it's equivalent to EPSG:4326 but changing the axis from Lat-Long to Long-Lat. The standard EPSG:4326 is Lat-Long

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