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I have an AutoCAD drawing that contains contours and 3D solids. I am able to import the contours (which i don't need) but not the 3D solids (which I do need). I understand ArcGIS does not support AutoCAD 3D solids but is there a workaround workflow to do this?

EDIT: It was pointed out that this type of file should be supported in version 9.3. I can confirm that ESRI Help for 10.1 states that polygon and multipatch solid and 3D face is supported "on paper" in version 10.1 as well.

However in the dxf I have solids are ignored in ArcGIS (ArcScene or imported) but it can be opened in AutoCAD, DWG TrueView 2013, SketchUp 8.

DWG TrueView 2013: enter image description here

ArcScene 10.1: enter image description here

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Should be supported from 9.3 -… – Mapperz Mar 11 '13 at 16:47
I am using 10.1 and the solid is not coming in. I will edit the question. – Jakub Mar 11 '13 at 17:58

I ended up saving the model as DEA (Collada) in SketchUp Pro 8 then importing it into ArcGIS and using the Spatial Adjustment toolbar to georeference the model into position (using the drawing footprint for reference) One important item - Spatial Adjustment does not seem to work on Geodatabase Multipatch features. I was only able to use Spatial Adjustment tools after I converted the model to Shapfile Multipatch.

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