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I'm using a postgis database and java to develop my application. I need to transform my geographic data currently in latitude/longitude format into a x/y format. I found solutions based on UTM coordinates, however points in different zones are a problem. I'm looking for a java library or a algorithm that does exactly this:

Given two lat/lon coordinates, one of them for origin, the output is x and y in meters. Thank you for your time

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A comment at this nearly identical (but unanswered) question has a link to a Java Map Projection Library; many Java-related questions mention GeoTools. – whuber Mar 11 '13 at 18:44
Do you want to emulate the exact map projection? I think you'll have to ask them plus what earth model is being used. It looks like some sort of azimuthal projection. – mkennedy Mar 11 '13 at 19:33

I assume your data are stored inside a postgis db. You can use postgis functions to do the transformations directly. No need for external libs

    st_x(st_transform(geom,<SRID>) as X, 
    st_y(st_transform(geom,<srid>) as Y 
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