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I have a shapefile containing some US sections from the Public Land Survey System. I would like to display the labels in the middle of the sections.

I found the "Placement" option in the "Label" sheet of the layer.

However, I am not succeeding in centering the labels. As you can see on the snapshot below, some labels are not centered properly :

enter image description here

Do you know how to fix this issue?


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Place your labels using the "Label Toolbar", not the Label tab in the Properties window for a specific layer.

Highlight the layer in the layer list (single left-click) and press the ABC button on the Label Toolbar: Label Toolbar in QGIS

In the "Layer labeling settings" window, place a check beside "Label this layer with" and change the accompanying pulldown menu to the required label field.

Then in the "Advanced" tab under "Placement", change from "Around Centroid" to "Over Centroid".

QGIS Label settings from the label toolbar

Press OK and the labels should appear on the map centred.

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