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i have to edit GML file in openlayers but i am not able to do same. please guide me with some code if possible.

i also have to save edited data to hard disk using openlayers

Thanks for any help....

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If you want to edit GML file, it is the text editor that you need, but not OpenLayers. I guess you want to change some geometries in the GML, then you may create a layer in Openlayers which use the data from the GML file, then edit geometries on the map, finally export new geometries as GML format. Check out OpenLayers API, it's not so difficult.

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i want to edit the gml when we do change in layer , that will also occur in gml and save like wfs. – user15058 Mar 20 '13 at 9:08
I don't think OpenLayers can do such job. It can import gml or other format as a layer, but after imported, it become a OpenLayers layer, which is a javascript object, and has nothing to do with the file any more. Note that WFS-T is different, it is defined by WFS standard but not OpenLayers that you can add/update feature through WFS-T. Of course you can implement similar mechanism, but that's something out of OpenLayers' scope. – mfdev Mar 20 '13 at 11:48

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