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I want to convert the utm cordinate systenm WGS 84 "E,N " from 38 N ZONE to 39 N or to 37 N. pleas send me the formula and programs that I can do it. thank you

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Welcome to SE.GIS forum.Please go through – Sunil Mar 13 '13 at 7:23

PROJ 4. QGIS, GDAL and PostGIS are one of programs which use it. Get QGIS ( i assume that you use compatible data format) Figure out your source and target SRID and do re-projection.

that's all i can do with current information. In future you could add litlle more information like file format because it can cause problems

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Since you need to convert from one zone to another, If you have your data in shapefile, using ArcGIS you can very easily do this. Go to ArcToolbox-> Data Management tools-> Projections and transformations-> Feature toolset > Project. & there you are. ArcGIS Help for Project tool.

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