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I'm new to ArcGIS Online (or as they're calling it now), and I'm confused as to how data is organized, and how it is accessible. I created a new map, chose Add -> Create Editable Layer, and set up an editable layer open to the public for people to submit input. Now I want to download this feature class to my computer. The only option I know of is to go to "My Content" then download the entire web map as a map package, but when I open it up, it only has the basemap and not the editable layer. Is it possible to download this data as an individual feature class (shapefile), or at all?

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The menu path you note, "Add >> Create Editable Layer" does not exist for me with the Map Viewer. All I get are options to add a layer from web, shapefile, csv. I do have "Add Features >> More >> Create Layer >> (select from template)" in Online Explorer, and when I do that and save the answer provided by @artwork21 works. – matt wilkie Mar 26 '13 at 19:30

You can download edit layers from

  1. Under your My Content page click on your map that has the edit layer
  2. Click on the drop down on the Open button under your map and select Download to ArcGIS 10 for Desktop
  3. This will download a ArcGIS Info Package which you can double click on within your Computer to open ArcMap.
  4. Your data should be stored in a file geodatabase located here: C:\Users\username\Documents\ArcGIS\Web Maps\Your Map Name\Features.gdb

Hope that helps

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I just tried this again, and like I mentioned above, all that is in the .pkinfo file is an mxd with the basemap layer. There is no layer for the editable feature class, and there isn't even a gdb within the "Your Map Name" file path you mention - just the mxd. (that was a good idea though) – Tanner Mar 13 '13 at 22:07

I found this solution to download data from ArcGIS Online Help:

It basically says that you can export a CSV or Shapefile or KML from a layer

  • if it's a hosted feature service on ArcGIS Online
  • and you own the features
  • and you are either an administrator for your ArcGIS Online organization
  • or the service owner allowed you to export the data.
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