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I have ArcServer 9.3 installed on a server that I use for running scheduled Python geoprocessing scripts. I have several running, and now I'm trying to schedule one to rec/post, delete and recreate our database versions. The issue that I'm having is this line of code


Apparently to run the versioning tools, I need to have valid license of ArcEditor or higher availible to the server. I would really rather not install ArcGIS desktop on my server box, but I'm stuck for a solution. My main question is, is it possible to install the 9.3 Desktop Adminstrator as a standalone program, then point it at my license manager so that the script can find a license file? If not, that's fine, any ideas are appreciated.

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Never actually tested this in an environment where Desktop is not installed, but you might try setting the license server through the system registry. This KB article describes the registry keys in which these settings are stored. This blog post might also help.

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this should work – Mapperz Jan 25 '11 at 2:10

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