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I'm using QGIS 1.8.0 on a Mac with OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). I've installed QGIS including GDAL, GSL, UNIXImageIO, Freetype, and Matplotlib all from

When installing the plugin Contour I get the error that the Python module Shapely.geometry isn't present at my system. So I have to conclude that this module isn't a part of QGIS nor of Matplotlib and also not of the plugin Contour.

Where do I find this module and how do I install this on a Mac? I'm new to a Mac. In Windows this isn't a problem, everything works correct, also the Contour plugin.

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It is a recurrent question: the module is Shapely and it is a pure Python module and not a QGIS plugin. (Shapely.geometry is part of the Shapely module).

QGIS on Mac OS X use the default Apple install of Python (Mac OS X is a UNIX, like Linux)

Windows does not have Python installed by default, so QGIS must install its own version of Python where Shapely is preinstalled.

And so, you must install yourself this Python module which is not simple if you do not know Python.

see How to install shapely for python 2.6 (Mac) NOT 2.7? or Does anyone have a shapely install for python “dummies” guide?

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Gene,thanks for the information. I managed to install the module shapely. Everything works fine now. – Robert Mar 17 '13 at 13:32

To install Shapely in Linux, you can use the pip command. This assumes that you have installed pip.

sudo pip install Shapely

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