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I'm using IExtractionOp to clip a raster by polygon:

IExtractionOp operation = (IExtractionOp)(new RasterExtractionOp());
IRasterBandCollection rasterBandCollection = (IRasterBandCollection)operation.Polygon((IGeoDataset)rasterDataset, polygon, true);

I tried saving via

// Fails with exception
IRasterDataset dataset = rasterBandCollection.Item(0).RasterDataset;
dataset.Copy("temp" + extension, (IWorkspace)rasterWorkspace);

// Successful, but does not show any pixels in ArcMap when opened
rasterBandCollection.SaveAs("temp" + extension, (IWorkspace)rasterWorkspace, rasterDataset.Format);

// Same result as SaveAs
((ITemporaryDataset)dataset).MakePermanentAs("temp" + extension, (IWorkspace)rasterWorkspace, rasterDataset.Format);

None of the three methods above worked... I can use the returned result and add it to the map, so the extraction seems to be valid, but I'm unable to store it anyhow.

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Did you try setting IRasterAnalysisEnvironment.OutputWorkspace on the RasterExtractionOp? – Kirk Kuykendall Mar 18 '13 at 19:43
Thank you - you gave me the successful hint:… - I will post an answer later... – Dresel Mar 18 '13 at 22:03
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With ArcGIS 10 there a two documentated possibilities:

Using ITemporaryDataset.MakePermanentAs as documentated here.

This however leads to the result described above - a very small (unuseable) file is generated. I noticed that sometimes the file changes to a usable file after the debug process is closed (respectively ArcMap). I found out that explicitly freeing the result of MakePermanentAs leads to the same result, which is an acceptable workaround for me.

IDataset raster = temporaryDataset.MakePermanentAs(filename, (IWorkspace)rasterWorkspace, format);

// Free result explicitly (workaround)

Second possibility is to use IRasterOPBase as described here:

// Creates RasterDatasetName object as output dataset name
IDatasetName datasetName = (IDatasetName)new RasterDatasetName();
datasetName.WorkspaceName = (IWorkspaceName)((IDataset)rasterWorkspace).FullName;
datasetName.Name = filename;

// Adds output dataset name to Op (force 10 execution path)
IRasterOpBase rasterOpBase = (IRasterOpBase)operation;
rasterOpBase.AddOutputDatasetName(0, datasetName);

This however randomly fails when using it in a STA Thread - so I have to stick with solution number one.

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