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This question is about Natural earth 1:10 states and provinces.shp file. I'm using ogr2ogr and want to know the name of the id i need to pass . In purpose of pulling out the right states regions.

I've use couple of properties name that didn't work (-where "adm0_a3 IN ('MLI')" \ , -where "iso_a2 = 'ML'" \ ). Can anyone help me i'm running out of places to find the answer.

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I've just managed to compile the file with ogr2ogr for Germany.

My command was:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "iso_a2 = 'DE'" provinces.json /path/to/naturalearth/10m_cultural/ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces_shp.shp

I followed Mike Bostocks tutorial here.

I was curious about ML(I). So I chcked it out --- Mali, wow, maybe the file is corrupt according to Mali, because your command should actually be correct I guess.

Cheers, Joehannes

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