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I'm trying to use MongoDB with GeoServer but it is actually not working at all. Someone once posted this: Getting MongoDB Working with GeoServer, but since he could solve his problem without any help there's not much info about how I can do it too.

I got the MongoDB GeoTools plugin (what is the correct .jar file and on which folder should I put it?). I'm trying to make the "new data source" option appear like this guy did.

If someone could help me in a "tutorial like" way I'ld be very happy :)

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download gt-mongodb,like gt-mongodb-9.2.jar and put the file at: apache-tomcat-6.0.30\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib . download mongo for java ,like mongo-2.9.1.jar . add it to classpath ,such as C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.30\lib\mongo-2.9.1.jar . and restart your computer and start your tomcat. you will see the mongodb at geoserver->stores.

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