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How can I overlay a Vector Layer on a Raster Layer and assign NoData Values on the Raster where the Vector Layer does not cover the Raster Layer?

(preferable with ArcGIS)

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What you are describing can be accomplished using Extract by Mask. For example, the image on the left shows raster imagery with a polygon overlay. The image to the right shows the result of the extract by mask operation. By default, ArcGIS assigns NoData pixels as no-color. For display purposes, I reassigned the NoData pixel color from no-color to black via: Layer Properties > Symbology > Display NoData as "Black".

enter image description here

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  1. reclassify raster and use nodata in reclassify
  2. convert reclassified raster to vector ( name = x)
  3. clip the vector layer with x : the result is Nodata in vector layer ( vector y)
  4. Erase vector layer with vector y : the result is vector layer without Nodata location.
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I am sorry. Either I misunderstand your steps or I was not specific enough in my question. What I want in the end is a Raster Layer only having values for the area covered by the vector layer. – ustroetz Mar 20 '13 at 22:50

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