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I'm able to get ESRI's ArcPad Login Form to assign a global variable to a field in the EDITFORM for Page1, but I actually want it to assign to a field in a related table (TABLEFORM), using an onload event.

The code below works to access the EDITFORM:

Dim pForm Set pForm = ThisEvent.Object

pForm.Pages("Page1").Controls("txtUser").Value = Application.UserProperties("LoggedInEmployee")

But I can't seem to find any documentation on how to access a related table using the same method. This forum touches on my issue, but doesn't answer it.

Any help/advice would be great.

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Finally figured it out:

The trick was to access the object controls directly on the tableform using an onload event. The first step is to create a custom form for the related table, and then click the page properties > events.... create an onload event (if applicable to your application), and enter the following lines of code:

Dim objPage, objControls

Set objPage = ThisEvent.Object
Set objControls = objPage.Controls

objPage.Controls("Combo1").Value = Application.UserProperties("LoggedInEmployee")

Note: "Combo1" is the name of the combo box I'm populating using the global variable created using ESRI's login form.

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