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I asked a question earlier about how to calculate a midpoint. I was wondering if there is a Python library that does this alreay?

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arcpy from ArcGIS software installation, but I'm assuming your are looking for something open-source. There's probably a module from QGIS if that helps. – GIS Danny Mar 22 '13 at 17:33

This python package

solves the direct and inverse geodesic problems for an ellipsoid. In your case, solve the inverse problem to get a distance and an azimuth at the first point and then solve the direct problem from the first point with the computed azimuth and half the distance. For a quick illustration of using this package, see

Here, for example, is the calculation of the point midway between JFK and SIN airports

# Compute point midway between JFK and SIN airports
import sys
from geographiclib.geodesic import Geodesic

# Coordinates of airports
lat1,lon1 = 40.640,-73.779 # JFK
lat2,lon2 =  1.359,103.989 # SIN

# Compute path from 1 to 2
g = Geodesic.WGS84.Inverse(lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2);

# Compute midpoint starting at 1
h1 = Geodesic.WGS84.Direct(lat1, lon1, g['azi1'], g['s12']/2);

# Alternatively, compute midpoint starting at 2
h2 = Geodesic.WGS84.Direct(lat2, lon2, g['azi2'], -g['s12']/2);

On my system, this gives

(70.34117458722292, 97.02347775257729)
(70.34117458722295, 97.02347775257725)
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You could try the Angles library, which does bearing and distance between points on the unit sphere, but I think you'd still have to calculate the midpoint yourself.

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GDAL/OGR (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) has a centroid function.

The following script reads in a line shapefile and writes the midpoint out to a point shapefile (source):

#script that finds the midpoint of transect.shp
#script then creates a point shapefile from the line midpoint

from osgeo import ogr
myDriver = ogr.GetDriverByName('ESRI Shapefile')

#create layer from transect shapefile
dataSource = myDriver.Open('transect.shp',1)
lineLayer = dataSource.GetLayer()

#get geometry from first line feature in layer:
lineFeature = lineLayer.GetFeature(0)
lineGeom = lineFeature.geometry()

#get midpoint of line and get x/y coords
midPoint = lineGeom.Centroid()
xMid = midPoint.GetX()
yMid = midPoint.GetY()

#Create a point shapefile for the midpoint
mySource = myDriver.CreateDataSource('MidPoint.shp')
myLayer = mySource.CreateLayer('layer1',geom_type=ogr.wkbPoint)
featObj = ogr.Feature(myLayer.GetLayerDefn())
point_object = ogr.Geometry(ogr.wkbPoint)

#close both shapefiles
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