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Is there a limit to have many layers you can have in a leaflet map?

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There is no hard limit but performance could be affected by client processor speed, client internet connection speed and the capacity of your server to handle incoming requests. In general I try to keep mine below 10 user-selectable layers. Using well set up base maps instead of lots of overlays should help, also I try to use GeoJSON layers. Performance is great for simple lines or polygons and up to ~ 100 points + labels. Also, when your data changes you don't need to rebuild WMS tiles and it can reduce data transfers.

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There is no limit, but from a practical perspective the more layers you have visible, the more the user experience will degrade.

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Regarding simplified user experience. This series of posts by Brian Timoney are very good reads: – Paul Mar 27 '13 at 5:16

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