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Does anybody know, if I can download from somewhere UTM Grid for zones 33 to 35 and U belt (for Poland) in shpfile or different format I can convert to shp. I need precision level 100 m. Is it possible to generate it in some GIS software?

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This Grid must to have atribut (emblem 34 U FD 432879) – user16571 Mar 27 '13 at 11:27

I would do this using Create Fishnet with cell heights and widths of 100.

The seconds step is to Define Projection on that feature class to tell it that the units are meters in the UTM zone of your choice.

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In ArcGIS you can assign grids to a layout. Right click on the dataframe and select properties. There is a grids tab. This is good for labeling and print design. And PolyGeo's suggestion about creating a fishnet is great for creating an actual feature class of grid squares.

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If you have the ESRI ArcGIS maps and data DVD, look there. The setup is as follows:

I think that the metadata will explain the sources used by ESRI.

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