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How can I implement IFeatureDatasetExtension and register it so that ArcGIS discovers and initializes it?

In arcobjects, I see that Esri has a number of coclasses that implement IFeatureDatasetExtension2. Using Categories.exe, I see there is a COM category called "Esri Workspace Dataset Extensions".

enter image description here

I don't see anything on the FeatureDataset coclass that would let me register extensions, the closest thing is IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer, but it only lets me access extensions that are already defined. There is no Add method.

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The classes in the Esri Workspace Dataset Extension component category do not seem to implement IFeatureDatasetExtension2 (I checked the implemented interfaces in the documentation and with OLE Viewer). They are workspace extensions, implementing IWorkspaceExtension.

This category appears to identify those workspace extensions which are tied to specialized dataset types which live inside feature datasets. As these are part of the esriDatasetType enumeration (like esriDTMosaicDataset, esriDTNetworkDataset, esriDTRepresentationClass, esriDTCadastralFabric, esriDTTerrain), my impression is that the mechanism is not open for extensibility.

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