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I tried v.split in GRASS: enter image description here

and my notebook ran a lot of time but showed this error:bad allocation, then I click "OK", and got nothing.

Are there other ways to split lines?and I hope to get 2 new columns in the same shapefile about coordinates of start and end points of each line segment.

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Which version of v.split are you using ?

  1. from the GRASS Plugin
  2. from the Sextante plugin

If you use the v.split from the GRASS Plugin, please read pp. 101-118 of the QGIS manual.

  • you are not working in QGIS but in GRASS GIS and the input layer and the output layer are GRASS layers and not shapefiles (t1.shp) or QGIS layers, see v.split.

    enter image description here

v.split in GRASS GIS

If you want to use directly a QGIS layer and get a shapefile layer as result use one of the v.split from the Sextante Plugin (v.split.lenght and v.split.vert)

enter image description here

v.split.lenght with Sextante

You can also get the same result with Python and the Shapely module

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I used sextante toolbox in QGIS, and the bad allocation error turned out, and then it was just like this:!Valid XHTML. – Heinz Apr 5 '13 at 2:29
I use another computer(win7-64bit, QGIS1.80, SEXTANTE1.09), and got another different problem:link – Heinz Apr 5 '13 at 6:33

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