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I can succesfully perform SAGA kernel density analysis with Sextante (1.0.7) in QGIS 1.8.0. But i want to built an automated tool for this job with Sextante Modeler. But i got foolish errors. This analysis tools works succesfully directly under Sextante but never works with Modeler. First screen shows kernel density analysis screen that called directly Sextante toolbox...GUI of kernel density analysis

Here is the another screen capture. Second screen show Modeler inputs and the error. i entered every input and output but everytime i got same error... Sextante Modeler screen

. .

Here is the Sextante's configuration file for SAGA Kernel Density Analysis tool. Maybe you find the solution...

Kernel Density Estimation





ParameterSelection|KERNEL|Kernel|[0] quartic kernel;1 gaussian kernel

ParameterSelection|TARGET|Target Grid|[0] user defined




NOTES: ###Maybe you will say that QGIS Heatmap tool can handle this. You are correct but i have to build an automated analysis model so i have to work with analysis tools adapted with Sextante Modeler or Sextante Script but i have no idea with scripts... ###I got error with Sextante 1.0.9 but i work succesfully 1.0.7...I need your help, thanks in advance...

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I tried again with Sextante 1.0.9 plugin on Ubuntu, the model builded succesfully. Kernel Desnity analysis model can be added to analysis model but now Grass analysis tools dont work. SAGA tools works succesfully but Grass tools make error. –  mete7 Apr 8 '13 at 16:31

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