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I have georeferenced a map and saved a selection of some points on the map. These points are cities of departure and arrival and I want to join the .shp with a and excel .csv with the information of the migration of my individuals to represent their way.

-If I join on my .shp (the selected points and the origin cities on .csv) I only get 15 out of 40 lines as many individuals started their trip from the same city

-If I joint on my .csv I have a complete table attributes. I save a selection and want to open it as .shp but I only have three extensions (.dbf, .prj, .qpj)

How can I get a complete joint table attributes between a .cvs of 40 items and a .shp of 15 items and make sure the items are georeferenced on my map?

I hope this makes sense, I'm still a beginner ;)

Thank you for your help

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Which software do you use? – SS_Rebelious Apr 8 '13 at 10:41

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