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I'm trying use R for create a fishnet grid like in arcGIS with many cells of same size.

In the arcGIS 9.3 we have the option of create a polygon with many small square polygons (eg. 1 x 1 degree of lat and long) in the extent of our study area using the tool 'create fishnet' ( and after aply the tool 'Feature to Polygon' to transform the polygon lines in square polygons. Other option is use the “Hawth’s Tools” extension and acess the “Sampling Tools” -> “Create Vector Grid (line/polygon) but the extension only work properly until arcGIS 9.2.

Then I want create the fishnet grid (polygon with many regular squares) and after calculate many percentage of overlap of some polygons to each cell of the fishnet and create a matrix with each cell in lines and each polygon in the columns, like this matrix.

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What's a 'fishnet grid'? Is it lines? Or small square polygons? Or a raster? What do you want to do with it when you've got it? – Spacedman Apr 11 '13 at 22:39
Sorry, I edited the post to be more clear. Thanks! – fvfaleiro Apr 12 '13 at 13:38

If you mean by fishnet grid a regular spatial grid, there are several options available in R:

  • Simply use a matrix.
  • Use the SpatialGrid/Pixels classes from the sp package
  • Use the raster format from the raster package.

A good overview of spatial packages in R is given on the CRAN Spatial Task View.

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The sp package in R might be a good place to start. A quick browse through the pdf manual shows that there are functions with names such as gridlines that might be useful to you.

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