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I have used SVG maps for some infrastructure then tried to use the Inkscape to define the x,y for each needed point. I want to re-construct the map with these needed points using JOSM editor but whenever I jump to the x,y I got it turns to NAN! Is there any hidden scaling process applied on the JOSM editor coordination system or the mistake is actually from Inkscape?

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This isn't very clear. Can you edit your post (just click edit above) to explain exactly what you did. Did you create the maps in Inkscape? How did you import them into JOSM? – BradHards Apr 12 '13 at 7:15
Yes , I created them using Inkscape , Then I imported them as a background using piclayer blugin in JOSM to create another layer above it , but the points co- ordinations don't match! Eg, ther is a point in Inkscape with (193,213) when ever I jump to these co-ordinates in PicLayer it gives me Nan, So I Imported the map as background to draw an above layer but still the co-ordinate don't match. Apologies If my question wasn't clear. Thanks , – Map-erior Apr 12 '13 at 20:57

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