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This whitepaper about NASA's Nebula project, describes how cloud computing was used by NASA's Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center to identify damage scars left by tornadoes.

Since then, Nebula was open-sourced to create OpenStack.

Have there been any geospatial applications run in OpenStack by non-governmental entities?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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If you look on the home page at there appears to be a "Latest" section, and that looks to list projects using the technology, among other news related to it, I would suggest you read through that and other news pages on the site, you'll most likley find the info you need there.


Excerpt from the main web page's latest section...

Announcing eDeploy Fri, Jun 21st 2013

Kwapi: an energy efficiency architecture Thu, Jun 20th 2013

Roadmap for Heat Havana (part 1)It's been quite a… Thu, Jun 20th 2013 [Live Demo 06-26-2013] Build Your Private Cloud with Open Source Software: SUSE Cloud powered by OpenStack Thu, Jun 20th 2013 An history of OpenStack open source project governance Thu, Jun 20th 2013

The second option (Kwapi) appears to be a project using OpenStack

As I previously mentioned however, if you browse through the various pages of the site there are many pages that list amongst other things, Projects that use the technology.

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