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Within classes I'm able to match strings using CLASSITEM, but not when including the field name in the expression, for example (inside a layer declaration):

CLASSITEM "myfieldname"
    EXPRESSION "sometext"

Works fine, but

    EXPRESSION ([myfieldname] = "sometext")

Doesn't return any data

The second method is fine when working with integers, e.g.

    EXPRESSION ([myintegerfieldname] = 10)

I've tried enclosing the strings with single quotes, double quotes, using a regex instead. The same behaviour occurs when the source data is a shapefile or a postgis layer.

Using CLASSITEM is obviously a good work-around, but it would be useful to know what I'm doing wrong with the direct comparison.


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   EXPRESSION ("[myfieldname]" = "sometext")

this should force mapserver to use the string equality operator on both fields and explains why it does work with numbers.

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