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I loaded a multilinestring layer into PostGIS Manager:

enter image description here enter image description here

and use the SQL query, trying to get the table with the node ids:

ALTER TABLE split_4 ADD COLUMN source integer;
ALTER TABLE split_4 ADD COLUMN target integer;
SELECT assign_vertex_id('split_4', 800, 'geom', 'gid');

and got this error:

Error: Function StartPoint (geometry) does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT gid AS id, StartPoint (geom) AS source, EndPoint (geom) ...
HINT: did not comply with the specified name and parameter types of function. You may need to add explicit type conversion.
QUERY: SELECT gid AS id, StartPoint (geom) AS source, EndPoint (geom) as target FROM split_4
CONTEXT: PL / pgSQL function "assign_vertex_id" line 23 at target EXECUTE statement FOR

Is this error related to the multilinestring geometry?

I work under WIN7-64bits, with postgres 8.4, pgadmin 3, PostGIS 2.0 installed, and download Windows Binaries of                           

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There are 2 problems related to PostGIS 2.0

  • The function name must be ST_StartPoint, missing the "ST_" prefix, which is now required (or you must load legacy.sql into your database).
  • Geometry type MULTILINESTRING cannot be used anymore with ST_StartPoint or ST_EndPoint.
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I uninstalled PostGIS 2.0, and installed the 1.5 one, it worked!So it does relate to the version of PostGIS. – Heinz Apr 26 '13 at 5:57

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