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I have a .csv file of coordinates such as the following:

-90.19, 38.62, St Louis
-122.42, 37.82, San Francisco
-74.04, 40.68, New York

I want to create a shape file using DotSpatial that has these points, so that I can overlay them on a shape file of the United States. Which functions in DotSpatial would I provide these points to, to generate a .shp file?

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Looking at the DotSpatial documentation provides a few samples to do just this...I could copy and past the code but that would be cheating :-) And, you wouldn't see the rest!

See Dotspatial Sample Code

Have fun!

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Thanks for the link. Found the tutorial for displaying shape files, but just couldn't track this info down. – Brett McCann Feb 7 '11 at 14:00

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