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recently reinstalled qGIS 1.8 and Grass 7 via OSGEO4W to fix problems with spaces in command modules for other features i want to use - recc'd on here and all went great. amidst the final steps of updating qGIS plugins, accidentally hit uninstall in message re: unable to load contour plugin due to missing python shapely. not the choice i meant.

Rely on contour plug-in regularly and it's now gone. have tried uninstalling and reinstalling QGIS via OSGEO4W installer (in Win7-64, the packages installed under C:) but unable to get back to where i was. is there another route for a clean removal and fresh install of qGIS?

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do you use the advanced install method? When doing so, go through the process again until you see the list of all available components. Under Libs, search for python-shapely and check if its activated or if there are other versions of that available. About your second question: The get a fresh install, remove the OSEGEO4W-folder from C:\ , remove the .qgis folder from your users folder, use regedit.exe, search and delete the Quantum GIS key in your registry. Then no trace should be left and you can reinstall via osgeo4w-setup.exe –  Bernd V. Apr 17 '13 at 8:43
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