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i´m new to qgis at all. I´m a blender user and found that beautiful NZ heightmaps at wich are CC 3.0 and free to use.

I want to use this maps for heightmap displacement if i can export them correct.

So i got this 32 tif files from NZ and after i imported them and clicked on local histogram i can see my heightmaps for every seperate layer.

My target is to merge these layers and then split them into 10-30 kilometer squares and save every part of these squares as a *.png with the highest possible resolution.

Is it possible to get more detail on the slope or terrain at all into blender?

Where do i start? What should i read and think about?

Is it possible to safe the currently used Layer from Open layer too at the same time?

Thank you very mutch for any help!

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