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Where are Color Ramp files saved? Every time I make edits, it does not show up on the Style Manager. Does it save it to the hard drive or in the Style Manager? I need more information.


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Not sure this will help much (as I think stretched and discrete ramps cannot be applied to other datasets. I am not very versed in the raster side of this.)
Here is what I know about the vector side of style manager.

if you go to the customize pulldown and select the style manager.


It will show you the styles you have active.


The default location (win7) is c:\users\myloginname\appdata\roaming\esri\desktop 10.x\arcmap
However you can put a file anywhere you like and load it. (perhaps to share with someone else on the network)

load a style

Now let's get back to what you need.
IF you are wanting to use the same raster in multiple documents with the same layer settings. Then follow steps 1 and 2.
Then just drag in that lyr file any time you want to use that raster with those settings. (hint: you can have more than one lyr with different settings and all using the same raster).
If you want to apply to another raster follow steps 3 and 4.

What you want to do is to

  1. go to the raster layer (in table of contents).
  2. save as a layer file


  3. then in other raster layers go to the layer properties > symbology tab.


  4. select the import button and import the lyr file.
    BTW the save button next to the import (lyr) btton doesn't save an lyr. It saves an xml.
    I haven't ever used it.

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That is just about the same what I do. Thanks . – PROBERT Apr 25 '13 at 14:52

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