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Firstly, congratulations to Gregor Aisch for creating such a wonderful library, thank you! I am having a little trouble rendering an svg from some osm data. I downloaded the Sweden transportation data from here and this is my json config file:

    "layers": {
        "roads": {
            "src": "roads.shp",
            "simplify": false
    "export": {
        "width": 800,
        "round": 2
    "bounds": {
        "padding": 0.02,
        "mode": "bbox",
        "data": [377.9582, 59.3031, 378.1233, 59.3731] 

The problem is that it's just creating a blank svg file. When using the polygons mode and if filtered to say a building it renders fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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According to the documentation (scroll down to Adding Shapefile Layers section), you don't need to name the layer if the source is a shapefile. Maybe this is causing the problem?

"layers": {
    "src": "roads.shp"

I don't think you need to include "simplify": false, since it appears that "simplify" is only necessary when you want to define the level or algorithm for simplification (Simplifying Map Features section in the same link)

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