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GeoServer Version 2.2.4, GeoTools Version 8.6, GWC 1.3-RC5

I have an issue where a tile is sized incorrectly and misaligned when I provide a gutter for a layer's tile caching. The issue occurs in the top right corner of a large rectangular feature. The size of all tiles surrounding the bad one is 256x256 but Firefox tells me that the bad tile is 306px × 306px (scaled to 256px × 256px). Shouldn't GWC always return tiles of the same size even if a gutter is configured? My understanding is that the gutter should be stripped out. I see this when I view the tile preview from the geoserver admin page. The gutter is configured at 50px and the bad tile is 50px larger.

Is this likely to be a bug or more likely a configuration issue? Since the one tile is larger, I am leaning toward a bug..

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Check on disk to see what size it really is, if it is wrong then try deleting the tile from the GWC cache and see what size it gets recreated as. – iant Apr 23 '13 at 7:42
The actual size on disk is larger than the rest. When deleting it gets recreated too large again. I've opened a bug on this @ - I am hoping to get my fix validated and committed. – Joseph Glynn Apr 25 '13 at 23:43

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