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I have already installed PostGIS along with opengeosuite and it is the latest version. Now I want to run pgrouting but the latest stable version does not compatible to the latest postgres versions. Can I downgrade the postgres from 9.2 to 8.3. I cant try some unstable versions of pgrouting that are compatible with postgres 9.1/9.2 because, there are issues in shooting star algorithm...or can I install another version parallel to this. I tried unistalling opengeosuite completely and installed only postgres 8.3 and postgis 1.4 but there are more and more errors I am getting and I am afraid to solve those as its for my mini project and I have only 3 days to prepare documentation.. So someone please help! I am trying but I am confused with these kind of installations.

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I think the only problem you will find are the ports on of the different PostgreSQL. Each instance must listen on a different port. And different installation directory, of course.

A good refence: Change port PostgreSQL

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